No on so-called “Net Neutrality.”

The commies in the Obama Freakshow don’t like it when people on the Internet stymie Dear Leader’s latest commie initiative or ridicule his homosexuality or how his real father was Frank Marshall Davis or whatever his name was, the commie pornographer who had Barack Obama’s mother acting in porn videos.

So the FCC proposes to classify the Internet as a utility on the rationale that most Americans have high speed Internet available only from cable companies. Nice rationale, but also not true. Phone companies everywhere provide high speed Internet service, as do various satellite Internet providers for a competitive cost of fifty dollars per month. There is no shortage of competition.

The Homo Administration wants the power to license service providers and website hosting companies. That way, when some senior comedian comes along and ridicules Barack Obama’s faggy life, President Human Freakshow can get all in a snit and use his pen and his phone to tell Twitter and WordPress that certain someones are terriss and that their continued hosting of his website jeopardizes their license.

See? It’s not to help you. It’s so that President Queerbait can be a little commie, just like his mommy, and shut up truth tellers.

(I wonder if Frank Marshall Davis ever pimped little Barry out to his pervy friends who enjoyed the attentions of little boys. I bet he did.)

Here is an informative video on the subject:

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.