Prison » Man Who Filmed Walter Scott Shooting Is Afraid Cops Will Murder Him

The man who filmed the murder of Walter Scott by police officer Michael T. Slager says that he is afraid for his life and worries that South Carolina cops will kill him as retribution for exposing the lies and attempted cover up perpetrated by Slager.

The arrest of Slager on a murder charge, and the truth of the incident would never have come to light, had Feidin Santana not used his phone to capture the now viral footage.

The video showed that Scott was running away from officer Slager when the cop pulled out his gun and shot him up to 8 times, killing him. Slager initially claimed that he feared for his life as Scott had attempted to grab his taser and was struggling with the cop. The video also shows Slager throwing down his taser next to Scott’s body, in an effort to plant evidence.

Speaking with NBC news, Mr Santana said “I felt that my life, with this information, might be in danger.”

Yeah, that guy’s life is in danger. I guarantee you that that entire department is corrupt. The cop’s partner knew it was murder, the cop’s boss knew it was murder. And they were all happy to lie about it until the video surfaced.

I’d like to see his boss and his partner tried as accessories after the fact. Go ahead and put them all under the jail where they belong.

You will likely find all manner of corruption in that rat’s nest of a police department, including drug dealing. If you lift the lid on that hellhole, I bet you will find cause to shut the department down. The Bellows Falls PD had to be shut down at one point because of corruption, drug dealing, extorting sexual services from teenagers, everything. It was a cess pool of criminals, just like this PD in question.

Unless a very close eye is kept on a constabulary, they tend toward corruption.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.