While I am pleased that someone lit a legal fire under Google’s ass to undisappear the search term “America’s Senior Comedian,” it still doesn’t point to my latest show.

The Obama administration’s lawyers are doing halfsies over there. They’ve undisappeared the search term itself, but the results are throttled.

I would like the full search results, please. Google represents itself to be a search engine. They know how to catalog documents on the internet. I want my Secret Penis Time show listed. There is important material there. The term “America’s Senior Comedian” is right there, plain as day, in the postscript of all my pieces. That Google doesn’t return those results means either that they’d rather no one know about my show, or it means that they’re spectacularly incompetent at their advertised function of being a search engine.

They never learn. They get caught again and again disappearing my political speech.

I want lawsuits filed. I want ten million dollars from Google. Add it to my war chest.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.