Why is nerve agent antidote (presumably Atropine) being distributed to Texas Sheriff’s Departments?

Hello steve I have received some disturbing news from a friend late at
night as to what is being distributed all over texas to the sheriff’s
office by the military, a friend of my friend was working on a trailer for
the Brownwood texas sheriff’s department when he noticed that it was a
nerve agent antidote , this guys boss put a picture and a statement on a
local blog and shortly after it was removed and then they received a visit
from the sheriff and a federal agent that told them not to say anything
else about what they had found ,I was sent the conversation of my friend
and the mechanic who worked on the trailer in an email and the next day the
email disappeared so i called my friend back and his phone had also had the
message removed so my friend called the mechanic and got the conversation
sent back to him but the mechanic and the shop owner are afraid to release
any other info such as pictures of the antidote they took , i can say that
it was in a black trailer with panther 2 on the side and the next stop was
Taylor county , Abilene Texas . Now I told a friend in Roundrock texas
about all of this and he came by today 4-10-2015 an told me that he has a
friend that is a deputy in Roundrock Texas and when he ask the deputy about
this nerve agent the deputy got a deer in the headlight look and ask him
where he heard this, and he told him a friend, and the deputy said yes that
all sheriff departments received this antidote.
Thanks for taking the time to read this as I have sent this all the info I
have to all news pipeline and Alex Jones but I have yet to hear back from
Alex or his crew at infowars is there any way you could help bring this to
alex’s attention as I have called 2 times and left the story of what I know
to be true as I have known this man for 20 plus years and he would not lie
, what I really need is a whistle blower from a sheriffs department to help
bring this story to life for all. Thank you again for your time.


If this can be confirmed, then we may conclude that Deceased Jurisdiction United States is preparing to nerve gas its political opponents in Texas, which is a principal stronghold of cowboys in this cowboys-versus-commies war that we find ourselves in. Obviously, any such nerve gassing of population centers (the likelihood of its occurrence being reduced merely by shining a kleig light on the plan) will be blamed on ISIS or homeschoolers or granmas in rocking chairs.

Dead jurisdictions can be extremely dangerous. We need to keep a very close eye on United States as it dies. It is a collection of property abandoned in place. Good men and women within that jurisdiction must assert control over its assets lest the criminals within that jurisdiction get the drop on everyone and assert their own control.

I’m serious, folks. It is smash and grab time over at that jurisdiction. No one’s following the rules anymore and the name of the game now is the assertion of control over its abandoned property. (I will remind you all that I was the first to point out two or three years ago that its assets constituted abandoned property. I publicly laid claim to it. I own all property once belonging to United States.)

In asserting control of that property, do not follow the law. The law is gone. The opposition do not follow those laws that you would normally feel constrained by. If you follow laws, rules, and standard procedures, we lose.

There is no operable law at the federal level. We are in a smash and grab. We are in the middle of a crowd-looting at a department store. We are smack in the middle of a revolution in progress at the federal level. I need all good people in my audience to grab control of everything within your reach and hold it.

My highest priority right now includes the nukes, the biological and chemical weapons, communications systems, and any internment facilities, including those REX 84 camps. I want control of the interstate highways and all rail lines.

Assert control over those and hold them.

The federal jurisdiction IS dead and it IS going to collapse imminently. The bigger they are, the harder they fall. And that lumbering beast is comin’ down. Heads up.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.