As we know, I am divesting Barack Obama of any claimed moral authority to command the guys with guns here in my theater.

What we know so far is that Barry’s father turns out to be Frank Marshall Davis, a commie Soviet Agent. Barry’s mommy was a CIA sex operative who was also a lesbo porn star in Davis’ porn films.

And now the author of that excellent book, “Dreams of My Real Father,” interviews little Barry’s Kenyan half brother, Malik Obama, who now sees the resemblance between Barry and Frank, and now wants a DNA test to prove Barry’s patronage.

This interview is required listening for all guys with guns in my audience. I would also recommend reading the book. Also find on YouTube the author’s interview with Alex Jones.

Barack Obama is human waste. He’s a con artist. He is a crypto commie who is committed to the destruction of America. Ignore that nobody. His authority is now mine.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.