Something Big Is About To Happen – Planned False Flag Waiting For “The Go Order” To Initiate “Meltdown”

I’ve been talking about this for years. No one knows one’s balance sheet like oneself. The bankers who own shares in the privately owned banking consortium called the Federal Reserve have known for years that their Federal Reserve Note would lose reserve currency status. They know full well that when that happens, likely this summer, there will be rioting in the streets when people realize that their money has no value.

Jade Helm 15 appears to be contemporaneously scheduled during the time period of expected financial implosion and economic collapse here in America. If the collapse occurs this summer as expected by these bankers, they will instruct their command jurisdiction, United States, to “go live” with the already underway Jade Helm exercise.

These bankers don’t want to lose their privately owned command jurisdiction. So they will perform misdirection to pin the blame for financial implosion upon some group of patsies, likely hackers who allegedly will have hacked into the banking system to bring it down. I would guess they would pin it on ISIS, which is the rebranded Al Qaeda, which is the band of mercenaries funded and equipped by principally Saudi Arabia and America. So I would guess the financial implosion will be pinned on ISIS’ “Cyber Caliphate.” And for good measure, these bankers will instruct ISIS to shoot people and blow things up, providing the pretext for martial law, the unbinding of the dead federal jurisdiction’s hands being the only means by which these bankers will avoid being arrested for their crimes.

And during the troubles, the dead federal jurisdiction will blow things up and blame it on their political opposition, who are libertarians, gun owners, veterans, constitutionalists, home schoolers, and pretty much anyone who’s worth a damn.

…and that is why the garbage training promulgated by the FBI, who got caught setting people up with fake forensics and who pinned the anthrax mailings on a guy who lacked all three of the means, motive, and opportunity, lists just those aforementioned groups as America’s new enemy.

Take that idiot training promulgated by that idiot organization and throw it in the trash where it belongs. It’s politically tainted. It’s training in service to the highest bidder.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.