Graphic footage has emerged of cops in Utah entering a man’s home without a warrant and setting a K9 dog on him, despite the fact he was surrendering with his hands in the air.

The video, taken from police body cam, was released as part of a lawsuit filed against the West Jordan Police Department by Lee Hoogveldt, who was viciously attacked by the dog.

The officers are seen entering the house and ordering Hoogveldt to raise his hands. He complies, but the cops sick the dog on him anyway, and it goes straight for his face.

In graphic footage that is difficult to watch, the dog chews on Hoogveldt’s face for several seconds as he groans in agony. The animal bites him in the mouth, causing Hoogveldt to bleed profusely.

Quite clearly in shock, Hoogveldt is then wrestled to the ground and yelled at by cops to cooperate. All the while, the dog, named “Pyro”, is allowed to continue biting Hoogveldt in the legs and buttocks.

An officer then drops a chair on to Hoogveldt’s head. It is unclear if this act was intentional or not. The cops then document his injuries by taking photos, before hauling him away.

Police had been called to Hoogveldt’s house because a neighbour reported that there was a fire in his back yard.

“To protect the neighborhood, they had to go in and secure Mr. Hoogveldt,” West Jordan Sgt. Dan Roberts told reporters. “The fire department could not respond to take care of the fires.”

Train your animals. Your animals cost that city a few extra mill.

And the word “secure” is a military term with no applicability to a constabulary. If your animals want to play dress-up and grunt like pigs and throw flash bangs into baby bassinets, I suggest they join the army, where they’ll fit right in.

Do you think that your idiots can respond to a simple call about a fire in someone’s backyard without costing the city a few extra million dollars?

Your guild makes me want to vomit, Saunders.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.