A Newly Released Jade Helm Document Reveals the True Intent of the Drill | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show

Competition in the global commons will revolve around maintaining the security of key populations in militarily significant urban terrain. The sheer mass and scale of urbanized humanity will be amplified by the intersection of informationally aware, smartphone‐enabled urban populations and their satisfaction—or lack of satisfaction—with local, regional, and even global conditions.

In the coming decades, failed states and ungoverned areas will become sanctuaries for extremist, criminal, and terrorist organizations to flourish. Vacuums emerging from the weakened nation‐state model of 19th and 20th centuries will not elicit new forms of government, but only a proliferation of preexisting forms. The significant difference will be the greater ability of nonstate actors to defend themselves, and to influence or attack other populations, due to the diffusion of weapons and communications technologies down to subnation groups…


That whole document is worth a read.

My assessment of Jade Helm, based on all knowledge that I have accumulated over my lifetime, is that the owners of that federal command jurisdiction know full well that it is going to collapse. They may not know when, but they know its collapse is imminent.

Jade Helm 15 is not an “invasion” as the establishment news media disingenuously claim that “tin foil hat-wearing” patriots believe. Jade Helm 15 is the pre-positioning of guys with guns and their supplies, under the guise of an exercise, in case the federal jurisdiction collapses this summer or fall. In short, the foreign banker owners of the dead federal command jurisdiction don’t want to get caught flat-footed.

And the reason why the Army is practicing the extractions of “empowered individuals” and dissidents is because these bankers don’t want anyone leading a political movement that might claim the property abandoned-in-place that results when the federal jurisdiction collapses.

I will remind everyone that the early bird gets the worm. I will remind you that I have been calling the collapse of the federal jurisdiction for years, I have been characterizing its assets as property abandoned-in-place, and I have already publicly laid claim to all that property.

So I can pretty much guarantee that I am at or near the top of the list of empowered persons to be extracted.

Heads up, folks. Even the owners of that federal command jurisdiction know that its collapse is imminent. That is why they have instructed that national embarrassment of an army to practice rounding people up: These bankers don’t want political leaders running around who might educate people on how to construct a new political structure in the aftermath of the collapse of the United States government.

We got ourselves a little game of Cowboys vs Commies. On the commies side, we’ve got President Human Error, Juh Johnson and his DHS, and the destined-to-lose United States Army. On the Cowboys side, we’ve got at least some federal law enforcement, some state law enforcement, and some local law enforcement; and we’ve likely got the Navy and perhaps the Air Force. And we’ve got a hundred million good ol’ boys.

Guess who wins the game? It’s rabbit stew versus arugula. On the one side we’ve got college eggheads and welfare recipients. On the other side, we’ve got people who tame badlands and who can thrive under any conditions and who can do anything. I can call the outcome right here and now.

And maybe Mister Putin might like to join the game. We’ll need foreign assistance. He’ll finally get to exact his revenge upon the very same political forces that ruined his nation in 1917. Solzhenitsyn would smile at such a turn of events. I’ll let Mister Putin devise his own delicious doublecross to put Obama in his place.

I’m happy to use my theater as Cowboy Central. We can coordinate from here.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.