Thirteen years I’ve waited for this moment.

I’ve been plotting your jurisdiction’s demise for some number of years, Madam Prosecutor. I sketched it out on a napkin in 2002. The torture chambers were an outrage too far. I think that’s what finally tripped the breaker.

You are aware, of course, that I will personally execute your jurisdiction. Merely by standing up here on my stage and scrutinizing my nails and moving my mouth will I cause to draw its last breath that moral outrage styling itself a moral person. You understand that I simply cannot abide that predator’s continued existence.

I want you to know that I highly esteemed your legal skills. Yes yes, I caught you red-handed with some of your lawyer tricks. But I do not begrudge you them. Faced with the losing proposition of prevailing against my perfect good faith and saddled with its own perfectly bad faith, the Justice Department forced you to play some rather embarrassing cards. I liked the “…United Sovereign…ty… mumble mumble” routine. It enabled you to obliquely reference my legal construct of a principality without making the informational nexus between that trial and United Sovereigns of America and its animating power source, the Capta Brightstick Document, the legal instrument which terminates United States.

Say, what of your continued color-of-law frauds? Will you and the judge continue to conspire to inappropriately extend your jurisdiction? Can you still in good conscience glance left and right and bamboozle the jury when you now fully understand that state United States citizens are in no way liable for that indirect federal personal income tax? And how shall you spend your life now that you know you’ve sent down the river scores of people who could not have theoretically committed the crime? I suggest that you resign. Your career over there is over anyway. United States will see to it that a woman of conscience never advances. I suggest that you spend the rest of your life as a penitent woman, lobbying to free all those whose lives you ruined with your frauds.

Please be well. And thank you for watching me.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.