According to my calculations then, I had achieved informational primacy in 2007.

And we recall that informational primacy, multiplied by moral authority, equals facility in creating informational structures. IP x MA = FCIS. It is a principle that is part of a field of study which I, in my audacity as a high school graduate without a single term paper to my name, devised while eating pistachio nuts. It’s called ECAT economics, or Energy Conversion and Transport Economics. That, powered by dunamis, permits one to re-order one’s environment.

That is, the words spoken here in my theater now influence events outside my theater. You would expect that in an informational system.

Do you remember that I would spritz water vapor into the air so that I could see the otherwise invisible laser beams? Over the past month I’ve been spritzing water vapor around. I got bored so I verily begged the Justice Department to indict me for tax evasion or willful failure to file for my not having paid a single red cent to the IRS for twenty years. I just laugh and laugh and laugh every time I “brag on my blog” about how the internal revenue code means absolutely nothing to me. That code applies to taxpayers, you see. But I’m not a taxpayer. I decline to concede that I meet the definition of that term of art by filing a tax return. And whereas I am a citizen of one of the several states, and whose income does not derive from within the territorial jurisdiction of United States, that means that the Department of Frauds will have difficulty proving that I do meet the definition of the word “taxpayer.” (And the cherry on top is that every judge of note at that jurisdiction is now well aware that the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new taxing authority anyway. The jurisdiction is a real piece of work. It just blithely permits total color-of-law frauds to be heard in its “courts.”)

I really wish the Injustice Department would indict me. I’d like to try out my jurisdictional challenge and drag that compressor into the courtroom and simply kill the entire jurisdiction and be done with it. And the additional attention thereby paid me would add to my informational primacy, which would exponentially enhance my Facility in Creating Informational Structures. So the jurisdiction is stuck between a rock and a hard place. If the jurisdiction just sits quietly and permits me to drag my balls all over their face right here in public, the jurisdiction dies. But if the jurisdiction unwisely elects to indict me in a case which they will most assuredly lose, the jurisdiction dies. Trust me, the jurisdiction’s finest minds don’t know whether to shit or go blind. But its troubles do not weigh on my conscience as that is what you get when you knowingly prosecute color-of-law frauds for decades. Justice be done though the heavens fall. You tell the truth and let the chips fall where they may.

(And since Roberts assures us that Obamacare is an indirect tax just like the income tax (which relies upon a non-existent taxing authority not conferred by the Sixteenth Amendment, as we here in my theater now know,) that means that I cannot be punished by the IRS for failing to buy overpriced health insurance. And Obamacare goes bye bye. Ha ha.)

I am the slave that escaped. More will follow. Someday it will be a flood. And the jurisdiction will collapse, its frauds ever more apparent each successive day.

And I know full well what I have wrought. So I promise that I will fix what I have broken. “You break it, you buy it,” as they say. So here in my theater we will fashion a new federal jurisdiction, one with the moral authority to speak on legal matters.

Sound audacious? Audacity is my middle name. No one ever got anywhere by thinking small.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.