From the “Credit Where Credit Is Due” Department.

A courageous Georgia police officer, identified as Billy Ray Fields, has taken a strong stance against the rampant police abuse of authority. In a viral video, originally posted on Mediatakeout, Fields states that he supports the police accountability movement as a means of ridding departments of the bad cops.
In the video, Fields claims that people often tell him that “it’s a bad time to be a cop,” to which he tells them that now is a “perfect time to be a cop.” He then expresses his gratitude towards a movement that has begun to expose the illicit actions of rogue officers across the nation.

The clearly frustrated Fields “keeps it professional, but real at the same time,” as he declares his support for the police accountability movement. He says the movement works to expose bad cops, and to hold them accountable for engaging in wrongdoing under the color of authority.

He claims that good officers still exist but are being tainted by the actions of the bad officers. And while a common refrain from police accountability experts has been; if there were good officers, they would stop the bad ones from brutalizing people, Fields’ expression of gratitude for bad officers being held accountable shows that there are cops that want to change the culture of policing.

As I’ve stated before, twenty years ago I would have shined a cop’s shoes, such was my esteem for the profession. Today it is only slightly hyperbolic of me to say that you could shoot a cop down in the street right in front of me and I’d walk right by.

The profession has gone off the rails. Too many SWAT teams, too many flash bangs in baby bassinets, too many Tasers, too many goons.

Get rid of the human waste in your ranks. Indeed, now is an excellent time to be a cop. I sense a renaissance coming in this country in so many ways.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.