So now we have reports of United Nations helicopters and medic trucks.

If Jade Helm 15 is just an exercise as the incompetent and dishonorable United States Army claims, just a drill designed to train how to do urban warfare in the Middle East, then why the UN vehicles? Why the Saudi vehicles? I’ll tell you why: It’s because President Nobody has been instructed by the Chinese to disarm the American people ahead of the arrival of Chinese troops to take possession of natural resources to include Yellowstone National Park, which was pledged to the Chinese as collateral for their continued purchase of Treasuries.

No, this isn’t just a drill. And since the feds know full well that the dollar is going into the crapper this fall, complete with bail-ins and currency resets, they know there will be civil unrest. And they’re going to follow the United Nations Small Arms Treaty (signed by Kerry and Obama, but never ratified by the Senate. So it’s not law. No matter to the con artist in the White House.) That “treaty” provides for foreign and United Nations assistance in gun confiscation.

The currency crisis will be blamed on terriss, likely the ISIS Cyber Caliphate. And ISIS, which has been escorted into the country by the Obama Administration will blow things up and shoot down airliners with the Stinger missiles they got by way of Benghazi.

The Obama Administration will claim that it was gun owners and patriots who did it. And the hookers at the Washington Post and the New York Times will parrot that to their bottom-of-the-barrel audiences.

And the roundups will begin. And the shooting will begin. That’s how it goes down. In the end, the federal jurisdiction will not survive. It’s really too bad, because for a couple hundred years it wasn’t a total piece of shit.

Read this from Dave Hodges:

Phase Four of Jade Helm will consist of gun confiscation and there is ample evidence pointing to this strong possibility and it started with a very concerning act that involved the Secretary of State, John Kerry, as well as President Obama as Kerry signed the illegal and unconstitutional UN Small Arms Treaty which effectively bans all private ownership of guns. There is one provision in the treaty that has received absolutely no attention in our mainstream media and that is the section having to do with confiscation of guns and the use of foreign troops:

State parties to the ATT “may seek assistance” in implementing the Treaty. The ATT indicates that a voluntary trust fund was created to promote the establishment of a multinational gun confiscation program.

I have learned that JH 15 will also use its “Mutlinational” partners in the upcoming drill, thus enhancing the strong possibility that foreign troops will be used to seize American guns, probably under the UN flag. Therefore, it is difficult to believe that gun confiscation is not on the list of activities for JH 15 and that my sources are correct.

More proof for Jade Helm morphing into a gun confiscation drill comes from the United Nations itself. Under the heading, “Hiding in plain sight”, the United Nations previously advertised for the following position in the Summer of 2014:

Posting Title: Disarmament, Demobilization and Reintegration Officer, P4

Department/Office: Department of Peacekeeping Operations
Duty Station: New York
Job Description: A minimum of seven years of progressively responsible experience in disarmament, demobilisation and reintegration or related area. Experience working within peacekeeping, peace-building or development programmes operations is desirable. Experience with small arms control, conflict/post-conflict crisis management, economic recovery is desirable. Experience coordinating multiple partner agencies, funds or programmes is desirable.
Analysis of the Job Description

What is highly significant is that nobody seems to be talking about this illegitimate imposition of foreign troops on our soil and this notion is represented in the phrase “conflict/post conflict management“! What conflict/post conflict management? Conflict management is another euphemism reserved for one of two possibilities. First, this implies there will be a civil war, hence the reason for the Jade Helm 15 drills. With over 260+ senior military officers fired by Obama for not embracing the future need to fire on American citizens, speaks clearly to this point. Ask yourself, what would be the one thing that this administration could do that would guarantee a violent response from many of the people? That one thing would be to start seizing private guns. Foreign troops will be operating under the UN flag in the pursuit of this agenda. Obama is in the midst of purging the military leadership who will not necessarily and  indiscriminately fire upon American citizens who would resist having their Second Amendment rights obliterated by this present administration. Secondly, in order to create the manufactured need to impose martial law, the administration would need a pretext, a false flag event. I have been covering the pretext possibilities for over a year. The most likely culprit is an economic collapse followed by food and water shortages.

The term “Peacekeeping” is normally the euphemism reserved for gun confiscation and population subjugation. If there is any doubt to the veracity of this claim, the following phrase “Experience with small arms control“, should remove any doubt as to what is coming. Further this job description uses phrases such as “demobilization“. Further, the phrase “reintegration” is also significant. By definition, what is a re-education camp designed for? Quite simply put, it is designed for reintegration back into society with a more politically appropriate attitude. Back into society from where? This question can be answered with a pair of four letter words, FEMA Camp.

Are there events on the ground that would demonstrate that Jade Helm personnel will be called upon to seize the guns of Americans?

Gun Confiscation Convoy Spotted On Rail Cars

Talk show host, Pete Santilli, was sent a very telling video from which the sender did not fully understand what they were seeing. Pete, with his military experience quickly recognized what he was seeing and the results are bone chilling and should greatly anger every American gun owner and veteran in America.

Jill Kaufmann of Wheatland, Wyoming sent me the above Santilli video because the content exactly matched what she saw near her home.

Hey Dave.  Just wanted to drop you a note.  We just got home and watched this video and the boxes in this video were the exact ones we saw in the Wheatland, Wy. area when we tried to video tape it with my phone and then got home and all it was was a black screen.  God Bless!   Jill
More Gun Confiscation Crates At the Sioux Falls, South Dakota Walmart

I received the following email from Maureen Thompson of Sioux Falls, South Dakota. The content serves to support much of what Jill Kaufmann (Wyoming) and what Pete Santilli (Portland Rail Yard) are saying about the spotting of gun confiscation crates (i.e. boxes).

Hello Dave,
I have followed you, Doug Hagmann and Steve Quayle for a while now.   I live in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.   I went to our east side Walmart the other day and found 36 storage containers locked with alarms.  Pictures attached.   My son and friend have seen military convoys carrying similar storage containers in South Dakota.
Yesterday at my nephews baseball games in Sioux Falls, we had 4 Chinook like all white (I am guessing UN) helicopters fly over the baseball field.  I was so angry I was shaking.  I have pictures attached that were on my phone but not very good pictures.   My friend took a few on her camera and is going to email them to me but her computer was hacked so I will send the better pictures when I get them.  We have National Guard drills going on right now.
Also, another friend has a son in law that had orders to go to Iraq.  Those orders were changed to be deployed to Jade Helm in Texas.  He is stationed in North Carolina.  He is under orders not to discuss Jade Helm with anyone but his wife told her dad (my friend) that he has to be within 2 hours of the base and is getting calls for drills in the middle of the night. 
Psalm 23.    My prayers for the safety of all of you.
Maureen Thompson

Chinook helicopters over little league baseball game in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

Storage container boxes at the Sioux Falls, SD. Walmart.

Gun Confiscation Convoy Entering Denver

From the Denver area, similar objects are being spotted inside of military convoys from those people who dont’ even possess the slightest amountof military expertise.

Hi Dave,  Thank you for all the info you get out to us! Last weekend I was on I-70 heading toward Denver about a hour out and I saw 4 of the large long boxy type ( sorry but I’m illiterate to these vehicles) these were also headed to Denver. I just thought I would let you know. If everyone would report you would have much more info. Thanks for all you do. Rickie Moore

What these “citizen” journalist reports demonstrate is that Steve Quayle, Doug and Joe Hagmann, Alex Jones, Paul Martin, Ted Broer, Pete Santilli, myself and et al are having an impact on waking up several people. The mere fact that people, through the simple course of going through their respective days, are seeing something unusual and they are reaching out to us with, in many cases, irrefutable proof, speaks to a changing mood and level of awareness in the country. Yes, 90% of the country is not awake to the encroaching and unpredencented levels of tyranny, but the mood is changing.

More to the point of the article, if you carry the mistaken and dangerous belief that it does not matter if the government seizes our guns, you might want to visit the University of Hawaii Democide Project. It is there that you will learn that, in the 20th century, governments killed far more of their people than were killed in a war. The number of democides numbers 260 million people.

Every 20th century genocide was preceded by gun confiscation. Is there any question as to why Thomas Jefferson made the private ownership of guns the Second Amendment which immediately follows free speech which is contained in the First Amendment?

Again, why do we need our guns? If we ever let this administration, or any future administration seize our guns, we will enter into a very dark period not experienced by any previous generation of Americans. However, there is no shortage of what will follow and all we have to do is to look at Nazi Germany, Rwanda, Pol Pot, etc.

If and when gun confiscation comes to the United States, you will have two choices if want an opportunity to survive, you can leave the country or you can resist. The people of Lexington and Concord understood this as the British soldiers came to seize their guns. Perhaps we should all begin to read more about history because what is coming is as plain as the nose on your face.

I think we can expect a shooting war this year between the dead federal jurisdiction and the various citizens constabularies.

Heads up. The federal jurisdiction is falling. If it throws down against Americans, it won’t exist in a year.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.