So Justin Bieber’s more dour understudy shot up the place.


That is an image of Roof that has undergone Error Level Analysis, courtesy of the site. Error Level Analysis is, from what I understand, the process by which a digital image is analyzed to detect image manipulation, by detecting irregularities in what should be a smooth compression. In short, ELA detects areas of an image that compressed at a different rate than the rest of the image. Or somesuch. Consult your local expert.

I am interested in the image of Roof on the left, wearing his jacket.

The above image is the analysis of this original image, found on the internet:


This is the URL of the analysis that I asked the fotoforensics site to perform:

Here is another set:



And the analyzed version:


The original composite image is instructive because it clearly has elements that were pasted on. We can see how just adding things to an image shows up as ELA anomalies. So what is also interesting is that the patches on his jacket show up as anomalies. We’d need a forensics expert to look at this, but this seems to indicate that the patches on his jacket were digitally inserted into the original photo.

What I do know about this crime is that it’s all so pat. And I find it interesting that Roof was apprehended in a traffic stop, just like Timothy McVeigh magically had a license plate on his car that was allegedly hanging askew by only one bolt, and that was the cause for McVeigh’s stop and his apprehension.

For my own information, I would like to know what there is to know about the arresting officer.

I smell a delicious criminal conspiracy afoot. Yum! My favorite! It’s what makes the daily grind of routine police work so tolerable. Finally a case I can sink my teeth into!

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.