So I see that the one-man multiple re-entry vehicle of legal mayhem in the White House, Barack Ofreakshow, got his fast track authority.

I will remind everyone that I had by now won a sovereign status relative to United States. My legal construct of a principality, known variously as Christopher King or United Sovereigns of America, is a foreign jurisdiction relative to United States. Its laws do not touch me as I would successfully challenge jurisdiction in court; additionally because the jurisdiction has repeatedly failed to attempt to assert jurisdiction.

So whereas United States lacks jurisdiction over inhabitants of my principality, no successor jurisdiction to which United States may transfer its sovereignty would possess jurisdiction over inhabitants of my principality. That is, any trans-Pacific partnership, trans-Atlantic partnership, North American Union, or other governing body would lack jurisdiction over any inhabitant of United Sovereigns of America.

I would like the legal record to reflect that. I would ignore a North American Union law or TPP law as readily and righteously as I now ignore United States law.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.