Obviously Roberts is crooked. Someone’s got dirt on this guy.

So Roberts has ridden to the rescue twice now, like Calamity Jane in those Wild West shows of the 1890s, doing stunts for the fair-goers, multiple passes, this pass has got him standing up in the saddle, that pass has got him sitting backwards, another pass he’s shooting his revolvers pow pow!

Let’s recap:

Obamacare, at its most fundamental, forces the public to purchase a product. It’s not about helping the poor. It’s about compelling healthy people to buy insurance they would not otherwise buy. It is precisely as if the Cattlemens Association had lobbied the passage of a law compelling the purchase of two steaks per week. It is manifestly unconstitutional that the federal jurisdiction may compel one to purchase a product or service.

But no. Roberts rides in and says that it’s lawful because it’s a tax. No one maintains that it’s a direct tax. So it must be an indirect tax. But indirect taxes, by definition, contain built-in avenues of avoidance; if I wish to avoid paying the cigarette tax, I am free to not buy cigarettes.

But there is no avenue of avoidance with the indirect tax called Obamacare. If you fail to buy the product, you get penalized. So if there is no avenue of avoidance, and if all indirect taxes contain their built-in avenues of avoidance, then Obamacare can’t possibly be an indirect tax, now, can it?

(And I certainly hope that that idiot jurisdiction is not maintaining that Obamacare is somehow an unapportioned direct tax when we all now know that the Sixteenth Amendment conferred no new taxing authority and that it placed the income tax into the class of indirect taxes to which it inherently belonged.)

It’s almost like Roberts doesn’t even know what a tax is.

The jurisdiction is a nut house.

And now here comes Roberts on his second pass, his derring do on full display to assure us that the plain language of the statute doesn’t mean what it appears to mean. The language is in no way ambiguous, especially considering the legislative history of the statute, which is Gruber the Goober plainly stating that they deliberately wrote the language to limit subsidies to only those states creating their own exchanges, as a means of inducing states to create their own exchanges.

What part does Roberts not understand? This is the simplest possible case that could ever come before the court. Its like a hypothetical case you’d teach first-year law students.

So it appears that sanity’s last, best hope is to appeal to my ability to not pay federal income tax for twenty years. People may not know it yet, but my status as “another one for the history books” in my standing on my legal status as a state United States citizen who earns no income from within the territorial jurisdiction of United States, that status of completely legally and lawfully ignoring the federal personal income tax for twenty years is the means by which Obamacare is sunk.

I love it how OTHER PEOPLE’S corruption is why I am a terrorist and why I can’t have a comedy career.

Roberts needs to resign. He’s an embarrassment. He’s converted the United States Supreme Court into a joke. It’s the Supreme Sewer of the United Assclown Association.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.