California Assembly approves one of the toughest mandatory vaccination laws in the nation – LA Times

California lawmakers on Thursday approved one of the toughest mandatory vaccination requirements in the nation, moving to end exemptions from state immunization laws based on religious or other personal beliefs.

You can talk all day long about how those anti-vaxxers are just kooky and you can trot out seven-year-olds to propound upon the matter and it doesn’t make a difference to me. It is a matter of personal sovereignty over my body and how another man requires my consent and permission to inject into my body some substance of unknown efficacy and safety.

It doesn’t matter what the state thinks. The body is my property. I am sovereign over it. End of discussion.

There is always a broader theme behind things. Behind the invasive body searches at the airport is the denial of personal sovereignty. Behind the mandatory vaccinations is the denial of personal sovereignty. The system almost unconsciously seeks to eradicate even the notion that individuals possess sovereignty. The state almost unconsciously simply cannot abide that it is not the supreme sovereign.

The state can pass all the statutes they want and it changes nothing. I am sovereign over my body and the state shall not cause any substance to be injected into it. End of discussion.

People in this country had gotten some twisted notion in their heads about what government is. It’s not my leader. It’s not my master. It is a trash removal service and street sweeping service. I love it when the hired help get a term paper idea in their heads about how they somehow run things.

Governments exist at the pleasure of the citizenry. Every time I turn around, there’s some new jurisdiction verily begging to be ignored and shut down.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.