This is the audience participation part of the show.

The video above is the complete soundtrack for “Tron Legacy.” I am using this soundtrack for a drama that I am writing, one involving the USS Armageddon. If you wish to play along, see if you can tell which pieces I may have selected for inclusion in my story, pieces I have tentatively titled thusly:

The Armageddon Pursues

The Joint Constructual Field Achieves Informational Primacy

Cat and Mouse

War Hammer

Firing Solution Calculated

“Wherefore, Chris?”

The Veritable, Irreversible, Molecular Hyper-Disintegration of the Target

Engine No. One and Engine No. Two: The Child Is the Product of Their Union

Clash of the Time Domain Security Apparati

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.