I’ve decided that Donald Trump is the Chris King Pop Icon of politics.

He doesn’t follow the rules, he does things his way and then everyone else grudgingly follows suit, he breaks up monopolies, he’s a one-man wrecking machine,  and even his detractors can’t get enough of him.

That man easily could become president.

There is an interesting book which Donald Trump perhaps has read. It is called “Think and Grow Rich.” It is essentially a tutorial on engineering reality –this quantum hologram that physicists tell us comprises what we call this world.

Those skills, yes, are useful in making money. And that is how the use of those skills was couched –as a business textbook. But those skills have a higher application, and that is to make the world a better place.

You have that power. Now use it to its highest and best purpose.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.