Madam Prosecutor?

I don’t know much about lawyering, thankfully. I fear that an extensive immersion in your field of study would dirty me.

As a prosecutor, you’re supposed to deliver exculpatory evidence to the defense, right? So now that you know that the Sixteenth Amendment, the very legal instrument to which the IRS appeals for its taxing authority for the personal income tax, conferred no new taxing authority and thus one could not even theoretically be guilty of the crime of tax evasion, you’re supposed to tell that to defense counsel, right?

“Hey. What up. Madam Prosecutor here. It’s come to my attention that this idiot jurisdiction is completely misapplying that indirect tax on personal income. Yeah, your client couldn’t even theoretically be guilty. But I’m still willing to work with you. I’ll have my office put together a plea deal. I don’t know; I’m thinking maybe recommend twenty-four to forty-eight. Sound good? Okay. Are we still on for racquet ball at four?”

You do understand, of course, that you place yourself into any number of varieties of legal jeopardy just by working for the “Justice” Department, right?

Nice profession you got there. How many showers do you need in a day?

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.