Watch “These Hillary Supporters Want Her to Repeal the Bill of Rights if She’s Elected President” on YouTube

The incomparable Mark Dice pulls off another of his man-on-the-street routines by asking passers-by if they support the (fatuous) proposal to repeal the Bill of Rights.

“You can’t have the rules of yesteryear now,” the woman says.

There is the concept in political theory of the ‘denizen.’ A mere inhabitant of a territory, a denizen is not a full citizen. A denizen is welcome to enjoy the wisdom of the laws crafted by the citizens of that territory, but denizens possess a truncated set of civil rights. Most notably, denizens do not possess the right to vote. Their thoughts on political matters are not sought.

The unfortunate reality is that most Americans are so ignorant of the issues of the day that they would merit only the status of denizen.

United Sovereigns of America has citizens and it has denizens. Very few would merit full citizenship. The rest would merit the benevolent protection of the wisdom of my laws. The rest would be denizens.

And why would they complain? Even denizens of my principality are immune to the federal personal income tax and, indeed, all laws of the foreign jurisdiction called ‘United States.’

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.