Prison » Special Ops Soldiers Use Rental Trucks to Infiltrate & Occupy California Town

U.S. Special Ops soldiers infiltrated and occupied a town in California using hay trucks and rental trucks, an admission that is sure to stoke concern amongst those wary of Jade Helm, an U.S. Army exercise that began last month amidst a whirlwind of controversy.

The revelation is contained within an article by the Desert Dispatch’s Mike Lamb about U.S. Army exercises taking place throughout the High Desert area near Barstow, CA which began last month.

U.S. Army sfc. Ryan Sabin, with the 10th Special Forces Group, related to Lamb and other journalists that the exercises would include “two or three soldiers blending in with people inside a restaurant.”

However, Sabin also revealed that preparation for the exercises had already been undertaken in the form of special forces soldiers infiltrating the town of Barstow, with nobody suspecting a thing.

What’s happening with Jade Helm is that DHS and the military are pre-positioning war materiel and personnel, as well as training how to infiltrate communities. Establishment rags like the Washington Post and the New York Times will dismiss as “conspiracy theorists” those who possess military experience and half a brain, those who can see past the nose on their own face.

I have a friend who dismisses me as a conspiracy theorist. What he doesn’t know is that the term was invented in 1967 by the CIA as part of a psychological operation to discredit those who might not believe the official narrative of the Kennedy assassination. Did you know that Oswald can’t even be connected with the alleged murder weapon recovered from the Book Depository? Mm hm: The rifle he conspicuously ordered by mail was available in two barrel lengths. The barrel length of the rifle recovered from the scene of the crime did not match the barrel length of the rifle he purchased. Therefore his rifle was not used in the crime. Stop. Do not pass Go. So whenever my friend uses the term “conspiracy theory” in polite conversation, what he’s actually doing is grabbing a Magic Marker and jutting his tongue out the side of his mouth and inscribing on a big piece of cardboard the following legend, to be affixed to his forehead as he walks down the street:

Hi. I have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m under total mind control by my masters at the CIA and I don’t even know it. I voluntarily elect not to pull up the corner of the rug because someone on TV said that only kooky people don’t believe what they’re told. I probably think that Flight 175 was at the scene of the crime. I probably think that the Sixteenth Amendment conferred new taxing authority even though the jurisdiction’s own legal canon plainly states that it did not. I probably think that there’s no such thing as a natural right to travel, the exercise of which cannot be converted into a crime, and that Chris is just too stupid to realize that all he has to do is pay ten dollars to end the harassment. I sure like thinking. Being in my presence is a mind-numbing experience for someone who does not inhabit the Holodeck. It’s no wonder Chris just becomes more reclusive with every passing year.

It is of the highest urgency to the power structure in this world that the unwashed masses not question authority. In order for the CIA’s psyop term “conspiracy theory” to retain its social engineering efficacy, the term has to be trotted out now and again by establishment rags as a reminder that only kooky people ask questions. This article, for example, is so formulaic that I wouldn’t be surprised if it was written by a computer:

Admit it, you love to hate-read the conspiracy theory bullshit your friend or relative regurgitates all over Facebook. But have you ever asked yourself why he or she believes the seemingly unending drivel?

Scientists in Italy tested an idea that people who are active on conspiracy theory-promoting news websites are more likely to believe even obviously false claims, compared to their more scientifically minded Internet counterparts. They recently published their results in the open-access online journal, PLOS One.

The researchers went a step further by monitoring more than 4,000 pieces of “troll” information—obviously false information with a satirical bent—on two dedicated pages. Fringe news included: chemtrails are laced with Viagra, an infinite energy machine has been created, and mosquito poison used in parks is made from chemicals toxic to humans. They found that conspiracy theorists were more likely to Like and share the troll information than the mainstreamers.

“I really thought that the researchers would go above and beyond to come up with something ridiculous [in their troll information],” Watson said. “But if you think Viagra chemtrails are ridiculous, you don’t know what conspiracy theorists actually believe.”

Watson defends her claims by saying that conspiracy theorists believe that spraying vinegar above their heads protects them from the effects of chemtrails, and that the world economy is run by lizard people.

What did we learn? We learned that conspiracy theories are bullshit and unending drivel and that “fringe” conspiracy theorists believe that ”

chemtrails are laced with Viagra, an infinite energy machine has been created, and mosquito poison used in parks is made from chemicals toxic to humans.”

Here’s how the psyop is executed: One, create the term “conspiracy theory.” Two, front-load that new term with obviously kooky stuff like how chemtrails are laced with Viagra.* Three, back-load that new term with things you don’t want investigated, like the creation of an infinite energy machine and how mosquito poison is toxic to humans. The front-loaded part is the engine of the train. The back-loaded part is the payload, the valuable wares to be safeguarded in the box cars.

It would seem obvious that DDT would be toxic to humans. But the weak-minded person, prompted only by the social engineering efficacy of the pejorative term “conspiracy theory,” will shy away from wondering if maybe mosquito poison is toxic to humans. Maybe he will also then shy away from wondering if vaccines cause brain damage. Maybe believing that Thalidomide causes birth defects is just a conspiracy theory.

Did you know that there are what is known as “over unity” energy production machines? They’re called quantum vacuum engines. They harvest energy from the quantum “vacuum,” that origin of all matter in this universe. Matter is condensed energy. These engines interact with that vacuum and output endless energy. Did you know that you could power your entire home indefinitely with a single triple-A battery? The secret is to avoid collapsing the dipole with back EMF. Not a single drop of oil ever burned in any way ever lit a light bulb. Every last drop of fuel or chunk of coal ever burned in a power plant served no function but to maintain the dipole in the windings of the generator. Obviously the system will not want people generating their own energy because then no one will require fossil fuels.

The point is, if someone uses the term “conspiracy theory” or any of its derivations, that person either is actively propagating a psychological warfare term, or that person is under the mind control of that psychological warfare term. The Washington Post is an example of the former. My friend is an example of the latter.

It is an emotionally taxing experience to try to socialize with someone who is under total mind control, someone who in no way even inhabits reality. My attorney, for example, in no way even inhabited reality. Talking to him was useless. (I routinely excoriate the United States legal system, but if I permit myself to let the mask slip, I will concede that it treated me quite fairly and that it fired on all cylinders in my case, recognizing as it did that it was almost theoretically impossible for me to get a fair trial because my attorney simply was unable to process the fantastical-sounding realities of my case.)

It is a completely useless experience to speak to a therapist about how I feel severely emotionally traumatized by events in my life over the past decade. I’m a wreck. I am completely ruined. It is a feat of Herculean magnitude that I have not lost my good humor. So let us say that I might benefit by speaking to someone about my experiences: “Hi. I see that you’re a therapist. I would like to purchase your therapy. I was disfigured in a fire and I would like to learn how to become comfortable around fire again so that I can attend family barbecues.” Invariably the therapist will reply, “Oh, there was no fire. Your real problem here is that you think there was a fire. Let’s explore that instead.”

So the reason why I show up every morning to this theater of the mind of ours is because I feel community here. We’re all on the same page. It may have taken some a bit longer to get up to speed, but at least here I feel like everyone has a brain. We don’t inhabit the Holodeck. We get it. Give yourselves a hand. You deserve it.

And I’ll go ahead and give myself a hand, too. The term “conspiracy theorist” was invented for guys just like me. I am a conspiracy theorist. I was right about 9-11, I was right about the federal personal income tax, and I was right about the natural right to travel. So we here all know that the term “conspiracy theorist” really means “someone who knows what he’s talking about.”

I know what I’m talking about. And the system absolutely hates my guts. So I guess I’m really America’s Senior Comedian.

*Do not read this if you are spooked by my show. Do not read this unless you have an extremely sound mind. This is your final warning.

Chemtrails do not have Viagra in them. Chemtrails contain materials harmful to all life on earth. The power structure is engaged in a campaign of geo-engineering that is completely changing this planet. It is a campaign of omnicide. It looks like all life will be extinct within ten years absent divine intervention. We are in the days described in the Book of Revelation. Get right with Jesus Christ. Repent, every day if necessary. Earth is the flashpoint for a gigantic hyperdimensional war.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.