Watch “Insider: Obama May Be the Last President” on YouTube

Why am I so prescient all the time? It’s almost like a disability, knowing what’s going to happen next. Five years ago I said, and I quote, “Obama won’t just be the first black president, he’ll be the first last president.” In this video, Larry Nichols, who knows where the Clinton bodies are buried, discusses, among other things, how Obama and Clinton are competing to see who gets to be the last president. They both want to be a potentate like me. It’s life imitating art.

I have already characterized the entity seated at Washington as a collection of property abandoned in place. It lost jurisdiction, which is extremely bad in that line of work. It’s like a roofer losing his ladder.

The last president will preside over that collection of property abandoned in place and will get to be a dictator.

Just one problem: I have already publicly laid claim to that abandoned property. And I had earlier created a legal fiction by my authority as Principal of my legal construct of a principality, United Sovereigns of America. That fiction is called United States, and contains a precise simulacrum of all legal instruments possessed by the entity seated at Washington, with the addition of this: I am that entity’s chief executive. The power to create a thing implies the power to destroy that thing, which implies the power over that thing to exercise all lesser degrees of coercion, including compelling my fiction to recognize me as President of the United States.

I am the President of the United States. And despite the best efforts of Obama and Clinton to be the entity’s first dictator, alas, the lawful functioning of the jurisdiction will continue under my benevolent oversight.

So when Obama declares some state of national emergency and declares that he is some sort of unilateral decider, that is when you are to begin recognizing me as President of the United States. This is my first executive order: When Obama first declares a state of national emergency, the Joint Chiefs of Staff are directed to arrest him.

People don’t know it yet, but the United States Government is not seated at Washington. It’s seated at Grafton.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.