Law Career info in Vermont

Vermont provides a unique environment in which lawyers can practice. First, it is one of the only states that do not have an intermediate appellate court. All appeals are handled directly by the Vermont Supreme Court. Secondly, Vermont’s immigration lawyers handle many cases having to do with immigration to and from Canada. Third, Vermont lawyers become involved in the state’s numerous environmental issues, so many that the state’s court system has its own Environmental Division to handle such issues. Vermont is not only an interesting state in which to practice law, but it is also a lucrative one. In 2011, the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor reported that lawyers in Vermont averaged earnings of $93,750 per year. Those earning in the 75th percentile averaged $115,950 per year, while those earning in the 90th percentile averaged $154,870 annually. If you would like to become a lawyer in the Green Mountain state, read on. 


How hard can it be? That’s my motto. “Stand-up, how hard can it be?” “Installing garage door openers, how hard can it be?”

How hard can it really be, Senator? How hard is it not to drool and to read a law book or two and pass the bar exam?

From reading that site above, it says they want you to go to college and all this other junk. I’m not going to go to college to learn how to string two sentences together so I can go to law school to learn how to steal and pollute human society with my mere existence. I’m not doing any of that.

I’ll make you a deal, Senator. I will buy one of those Law for Dummies books and bone up for the bar exam. If I pass it, you wave your magic wand to remove all those obstacles from my path.

My bona fides? Well, for starters, I executed the United States Government by speaking. And then there’s the little matter of handing the IRS and the Justice Department their own asses.


I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.