busted after alleged ‘illegal prostitution’ – The Washington Post

Since the beginning of time, those who practice the world’s oldest profession have often had to work at the margins. Whether at massage parlors, in the back pages of alternative weeklies or in online advertisements, sex workers have had to practice a kind of charade, making what they do clear enough to get customers without making it clear enough to get them busted. And, in many places, they live in fear of prosecution — for, whenever the long arm of the law decides to take them down, making a case is often not that difficult.

And, on Tuesday in the Eastern District of New York, the Department of Homeland Security decided to make one. In a criminal complaint filed in federal court, a DHS agent offered details supporting the arrest of the chief executive officer, five other employees and a male escort at the Web site, which it says “is a commercial male escort advertising site that promotes prostitution.”

Defending the homeland from the dangerous scourge of rent boys.

Rent boys pose one threat to society, and that is to married men who don’t want their wives figuring out that they’re queer.

So lessee: The idiot organization in no way seems desirous of defending the homeland from those who deposited 7-series compressors on Murray Street, it sucks corn out of everyone’s asshole, it has erected manifestly unlawful internal checkpoints along the public thoroughfares, it gives MRAPs to ding-a-ling police chiefs who are too stupid to understand that Constitutionalists are a cop’s best friend because they like it when people follow the law, and in general the organization is an un-American outrage.

So they’ll use their budget to save us all from rent boys.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.