The Trump spectacle is fun. But it comes at a cost. – The Boston Globe

What Trump’s ascent represents is the fundamental transformation of the American electoral process into an entertainment product, namely a reality TV show. It would be easy enough to blame the media. But with our remotes and our computer clicks, the public is dictating this shift. We’re the ones who are choosing goofy demagoguery over a sober consideration of the issues. Tomorrow, we tell ourselves, we’ll get serious. Or the day after tomorrow.

People say that Trump is a clown who is converting the American political system into an unseemly reality show.

The American political system has long been unseemly. So why not make it real?

It’s always been the clown show that Trump is accused of making it. It’s always been a freak show of criminals and philanderers and drug addicts and the corrupt. To the best of my ability to know, Trump is none of those.

Trump has stepped up to act as the ring leader of this circus that we call a political system. So why shouldn’t he put on a top hat and conduct this uniquely American freak show like the symphony of hunchbacks that it is?

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.