Watch “Knezovich facing protest over MRAP flap” on YouTube

That’s a news report on that dipshit Spokane County Sheriff and his precious MRAP. Don’t forget: Veterans will slap that bitch and take his MRAP and use it for making beer runs. And I know he’s a bitch because there’s another video of this Sheriff giving a sit down interview in his office, and he’s got his hands folded in front of him and you can plainly see his manicured fingernails. No man gets a manicure. This Sheriff is a woman trapped in a man’s body.

Let’s recap: Intelligence agencies flew drones into the Twin Towers. Hooker lawyers in Washington immediately trotted out pre-written legislation. By this method, lawful government was overthrown. Your nation is now dead. Some people don’t much care for that, so they insist that fundamental law be followed. Those people would really rather that the Constitution be followed. There’s an extra-special word for people who want the law followed. They’re called Constitutionalists. They have guns. Lots of them. They are the fundamental constabulary. So when idiot government employees don’t follow the law, Constitutionalists come and arrest them, try them, and punish them. Though arcane, the practice is completely legal. You don’t want the hired help having MRAPs that they might use to prevent their own arrests.

This idiot Sheriff is so stupid that he doesn’t know that his nation was conquered. And do you really expect some pussy with manicured fingernails to defend lawful government? I would love to let this coward do my job for even a day.

And in this clip, the reporter adds that the pussy later backtracked on his use of “Constitutionalist” and said that maybe “extremist” was a better choice.

Well what does “extremist” mean? Is it like extreme skateboarding? Extreme bungee jumping? Half of the energy drinks I see for sale are Extreme something or other.

This Sheriff obviously is working from a set of talking points given to him by some outside group, most likely the Southern Poverty Law Center. It’s not a law center and it’s not about Southern poverty. That’s just their name. They might as well have called themselves the Cotton Candy People. I have covered the SPLC before, so I will not furnish proof here. You can refer to my earlier work. The SPLC’s job is to see to it that no competing constabulary ever exists. So the SPLC –which played an instrumental role in the Oklahoma City Bombing along with the ATF– will attempt to set up and smear that fundamental constabulary. One of the SPLC’s favorite words is “extremist.”

This Sheriff is working from Southern Poverty Law Center training. No one does that voluntarily, so I’m guessing that the SPLC has dirt on him and is blackmailing him into delivering his department to SPLC control. My suspicion is that now that the SPLC is in control of the Spokane County Sheriff’s Department, there will be a bombing within that county which will be blamed on that fundamental constabulary, aka “Constitutionalists” or “extremists.”

My suspicion, based on this Sheriff’s mannerisms and manicured fingernails, is that he is a closeted homosexual, a married one, no less. That is blackmail gold right there.

Someone do me a solid? Pass this along to Sheriff Powerbottom and tell him that he, his manicured fingernails, his contempt for the fundamental constabulary, and his suspected blackmailing by the Southern Poverty Law Center are now being scrutinized by the Future People. Tell him he’s a star.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.