Intel Source Warns “War Imminent,” US To Blame Russia For “First Shot,” And “Syria Will Be The Game Changer”

A trusted source reached out to ANP recently, a source who has provided highly accurate information in the past, and with very close connections to the Intelligence community. The information imparted by our source warns us of plans within U.S. leadership and military that are being implemented right now as seen in headlines generated by the MSM (Washington’s propaganda armafter this information was given to us.

The key points shared with ANP include; 

1) War is imminent; 2) Will kick off in Syria when US soilders fire first upon Russian soilders…from here the US will tell our ppl the Russians fired first 3) JH15 (Jade Helm 15) is to prep for war here in the states. 4) Keep your eyes open with Syria…it will be the game changer.

I’ve found All News Pipeline to be a pretty good source for leads. It’s Before It’s News without the chupacabras.

ISIS is equipped and funded by the western power structure. ISIS fighters are mixed in with the refugees flooding into Europe, where, apparently, they’re raping pretty seven-year-old girls.

The western power structure needs Assad gone. The Russians are now on the ground in Syria fighting those ISIS cavemen. The western power structure will instruct that laughingstock, the United States military, to attack the Russians. The corporate news media will say that the Russians fired first.

That’s how World War 3 goes down. At the end of it, your turd nation will no longer exist.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.