Watch “Shemitah 2015 with Jonathan Cahn | What You Need To Know!” on YouTube

The Shemitah is a period of time every seven years that represents shaking or wiping away or collapse. Power changes hands and empires begin their collapse and money is made or lost during the Shemitah. God operates according to His own schedule, represented by the Hebrew Calendar.

The Shemitah of 2014-2015 also happens to be accompanied by four blood moons. God’s calendar is marked by the movements of heavenly bodies such as the sun and the moon. I find the co-incidence of the four blood moons with this current Shemitah to be statistically significant. (And to the best of my ability to determine after five years’ inquiry, our sun has a companion star called Nemesis, sometimes referred to by others as Planet X or Nibiru. It’s not a planet; it’s a star. Most star systems have multiple stars. It would be odd for us to have only one star. This companion star appears to be a “failed” star in that it is not massive enough to shine. It appears to be a brown dwarf, its size being something on the order of the gas giants. And to the best of my ability to determine, it orbits our sun with a period of 360 years. When that star enters the inner solar system, from below the plane of the orbits of the other planets, as it does, it approaches the sun from the south, then crosses in the vicinity of earth’s orbit, then swings up and around the sun, then begins its exit downward to its lonely existence back out of the inner solar system, but not before once again passing through earth’s approximate orbit. It appears that the passing of Nemesis through the inner solar system takes six months. The gravitational effects of this body on nearby planets is significant. If earth is on the “wrong” side of the sun relative to the path of Nemesis on either end of that six-month transit, I would expect massive earthquakes and tidal waves here on earth. To the best of my ability to determine, it appears that Nemesis is coming through sometime soon, as in within the next year. I cannot know this because I do not have access to the Vatican’s LUCIFER telescope. So I have no data of my own. But based on secondhand information gathered over five years, I believe this is true. So I find the co-incidence of the Shemitah, the four blood moons, and the return of Nemesis extremely highly statistically significant. One, two, three; that’s enough for me. And there’s even a fourth data point: The Pacific Ocean is completely dead, courtesy of Fukushima. One, two, three, four; I was good at three, thanks.)

So you watch this video with Rabbi Jonathan Cahn. He knows what he’s talking about.

And here is a word of warning. Though I have long been critical of the regime currently ruling Israel, I have always respected the Abrahamic Covenant. If America does a deal with Iran regarding nuclear weapons, thereby placing Israel into military jeopardy with Iran, that action will cause God to further curse America. (As if you needed any further reasons.)

You murder the unborn and call it the right of privacy. You now permit adultery and gay marriage. You’ve laid waste to the world based on lies. If you curse Israel by shaking a deal with a nation whose Quds Force translates as “Jerusalem Force,” the force whose sole function is to capture Jerusalem, I’m pretty sure that God won’t find much of a reason to avoid permitting your nation’s total annihilation. You must not ally yourselves against Israel. There is a hyperdimensional reason why you must not do that. Invent whatever politically plausible reason to vote against any and all deals that Barack Obama would reach with Iran.

I think we will begin to see natural disasters and celestial events and financial collapse begin on September 23. As Rabbi Cahn says in this video, they start out small and increase in intensity until the people repent of their lawlessness (their sins.) As the Bible talks about figs being shaken from the tree as by a great wind, I would not be surprised to see a great meteor shower, comprised of largely harmless meteorites. As Nemesis passes through the inner solar system, it will drag a debris field along with it, a field containing much harmless grains of sand but also devastating mountains of stone. What this world does in the next little while determines what strikes the earth.

So you get right with Jesus Christ. Do like me and repent every single day. Jesus was and is real. He is the son portion of that triune creator of this universe. His earthly manifestation was as a human/divine hybrid.

You listen to this Messianic Jew. He knows what he’s talking about.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.