Jeb Bush Huddles for Off Record Meeting with Media

A Republican political insider told Breitbart News:

Two reporters complained to me today that their editors and producers forced them to attend an off the record pre-debate meeting with Jeb Bush, who is in single digits in all national and state polls. I was also told that the meeting was so low energy and boring that one reporter described it as a ‘snooze siesta.’ Jeb wavered for five days on whether to hold the gathering but then decided that it would be a mistake not to try and spin tomorrow’s loss which will be both in form and substance. The good news is that Jeb spoke to an audience which doubled his last campaign event.

His campaign graphic should be of him sitting against an adobe wall with one of those big ol’ hats on, taking a nap during his siesta.

I love seeing all these establishment retreads get a boot in the ass right out of the spotlight that they somehow had come to believe was their property. If Jeb Bush “transitioned,” he’d look like Hillary Clinton.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.