@TheJusticeDept Come here.

This video is hereby entered into my legal record. You will therefore want to familiarize yourselves with it.

You have an 82-year-old man in prison for speaking and writing books about the known color-of-law fraud that is the federal income tax. We here in my theater know that it’s a fraud because I am still walking the streets despite my having plainly stated that I have not paid a single nickel in federal income tax in twenty years. And you just sit there looking at your shoes, knowing full well that the law is on my side. You stand zero chance of prevailing in any legal contest. And you concede that with your silence. Demolishing you in court would take me five minutes.

The man is on his deathbed. If you have any capacity for atonement and human compassion, you may wish to expedite his release from prison so that he may die in his own bed.

You’ve already demonstrated yourselves to know absolutely nothing about law. Let’s see if you know the first thing about mercy.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.