Prison » Why is Washington Against Russia Bombing ISIS and Al-Qaeda?

Rather than welcoming Russian efforts against ISIS and al-Qaeda, the US claims that unless Russia also focuses on removing the Assad government from power its efforts are “doomed to failure.” The US claims to be concerned that the Russians are attacking the “moderate” Syrian rebels trained by the United States — but even US generals have admitted that group consists of a grand total of four or five individuals. So it’s hard to understand the sudden concern. Each new batch of “moderates” the US churns out seems to defect to al-Qaeda or ISIS within minutes of deployment in Syria.

My advice is to completely dismiss the United States “government” as the collection of idiots, whores, dimwits, and pussies that it is. The strong do not countenance the thoughts of the weak. It’s a dead jurisdiction. Ignore it.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.