Washington’s Time is Up: Russia Should Lead World, Not US – Czech Media

Washington’s method of conducting foreign policy is to create chaos at the cost of hundreds of thousands of lives and destroy entire countries in the name of US economic and political interests. However, the US has constantly failed at it — all of its wars in the last two decades have ended in a fiasco, but Washington still hasn’t learned and keeps sticking to the same destructive policy which hasn’t worked, the Czech newspaper said.

There is only one solution Vyvadil argues and that’s to ditch the United States, as Washington has miserably failed as the leader of the international community.


Mister Saunders was so cute when he assured me that “Yes, Chris, the jurisdiction exists.”

I’m usually five or ten years ahead of the curve.

The idiot organization cannot seem to make even their whole weight as the United States “government” prevent a professional comedian from flicking their watery noses with his middle finger and doubling over and inviting his audience to turn in their seats and laugh and laugh and laugh our hyena laughs at the poor little shitstain that can only sit there and blubber its little baby sniffles as their pants got pulled down right here in public and they got spanked over their favorite color-of-law fraud!

Piece of trash. Yeah, I’d say the town laughingstock no longer runs anything. Oh, the mighty, mighty Yoonited States Guvvamint is on the world stage, alright –seated up here on a stool and wearing a dunce cap.

If anyone’s in charge here, it’s me. I’ll conduct foreign policy from now on, right from my creaky wooden stage at Will’s.

I set you idiots up so fuckin’ bad. Dumbasses.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.