AG Lynch Announces Global Police Force Partnership with UN | Truth Revolt

During her speech at the United Nations Wednesday, Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced that the Department of Justice is launching a global police force in order to combat “violent extremism” in the United States. 

A proposal such as this, with all of its various implications of an overreach of power, should be front-page news everywhere, but unfortunately, not many noticed. And that’s a concern to constitutional attorney KrisAnne Hall who released a video to make the rallying call.

“Something happened yesterday that I’m afraid will go completely unnoticed,” Hall began. “Yesterday, the Department of Justice, several cities within the United States, several municipalities, linked up with the United Nations to form a global police initiative. It is called the Strong Cities Network.”

“This is such an attack on our Constitution. This is such an attack on the sovereignty of our states,” she added. “This will eliminate the rights of the people as we know them under a constitutional republic.”

What’s happening here is that the criminals in the Obama Administration know full well that the fundamental constabulary will someday arrest them and try them for various crimes, that constabular practice, though arcane, being perfectly legal. And whereas the dead federal jurisdiction cannot rely on support from the several states, this total nobody by the name of Lynch has shaken a deal with the United Nations to provide backup for these criminals in Washington, using the lawyer whore term “violent extremism” as the rationale.

The United Nations has no place in America.

I am America’s Senior Comedian. Thank you for your kind attention in this matter.