Prison » Sanders Steps In It, Declares White People ‘Don’t Know What It’s Like To Be Poor’

Really, Bern?

I love how the Democratic Party is all about the politics of envy.

But on the matter that white people can’t be poor, tell that to the backwoods Vermont guy who manages to feed his family without the benefit of food stamps because his father didn’t raise a welfare recipient, and who heats his trailer with a wood stove he welded together himself, fed with wood he found on the side of the road that he cuts with his chainsaw and splits with an axe, his evening electrical needs met by an inverter hooked up to the battery of a running but broken-down car parked out behind the house, a car he got for free somewhere because the transmission only works in reverse.

And you know what? Everyone in the family is happy. No one complains. They have everything they need. No one covets anyone else’s property. The children run and play in the woods and skinny dip in the pond. There’s always people over, drinking beer and cooking out and playing Foghat on a car radio with bad speakers.

The Democrats would love to plant the seeds of covetousness in everyone’s mind and then ride to the rescue. That’s how they operate. It’s the politics of envy. It is the politics of dependence, which is precisely how Democrats like everyone to be: helpless and dependent.

Excellent job with the campaign, but no thanks, Bern.