Prison » FBI Instructs High Schools to Inform On “Anti-government” Students

Here’s the FBI prattling on about sovereign citizens again. It’s their favorite bugaboo. It is the hobgoblin of little minds.

To recap, “sovereign citizen” is a colloquial term for a state United States citizen, most properly known as a Joint Tenant in Sovereignty. The legal characters of the state United States citizen and the federal United States citizen are quite distinct. As proof of that, I, as a Joint Tenant in Sovereignty, can’t seem to get the Justice Department to indict me for my failure to pay a single nickel in income tax over the past twenty years and for not having filed a tax return during that time, both of which the Justice Department publicly represents to be indictable offenses.

Something here doesn’t add up. Either I’m too drop-dead gorgeous to indict (too beautiful to jail, that is,) or they know they’ll lose. And considering how eager they are (don’t forget that they wanted to re-indict me all over again, for a second instance of the same crime, for quoting myself,) why won’t they leap at the chance to send me down the river for decades?

The idiot jurisdiction is big on buzzwords like “tax protester,” “anti-government,” “domestic extremist,” “sovereign citizen,” and the like. But when pressed on the matter, they cannot demonstrate territorial or personal jurisdiction over a Joint Tenant in Sovereignty who resides outside the territorial jurisdiction of the federal jurisdiction –unless, of course, the defendant concedes jurisdiction by unwisely entering a plea in District Court, which court is an Article IV court empowered to hear matters related to United States municipal law, law which applies only within the territorial jurisdiction of the federal jurisdiction, including within the federal legal constructs of state districts. But I walk upon the soil of the several states, not upon the ether of legal constructs.

There is only one proper response upon being hauled into court: “I like your Article IV court. Is this real mahogany? Anyhow, please demonstrate jurisdiction over a Joint Tenant in Sovereignty.”

That’s a pretty considered and sober legal strategy. The Justice Department’s approach, however, goes something like this:

“Chris King is a bad man and a peepee head. He is a Ding Dong Man. He eats babies and is a litterbug.”

It’s an idiot jurisdiction that doesn’t know its own laws or even the limits of its own jurisdiction.

I follow the laws that we have, not the laws that the Justice Department would prefer that we have. And since I know their laws better than they do, they’ll get in an aggrieved, government employee snit and wheel around in their office chairs and type my name into the terror computer. Don’t forget: If I am permitted to get away with following the law, and if people find out about that, then it’s only a matter of time until the idiot jurisdiction can’t pay its bills and has to furlough scads of these idiot employees who serve no useful function. In law enforcement terms, they are in “self-preservation mode.” They’ll say anything to keep the paychecks coming, including patently ridiculous things like how I’m a terrorist or a Ding Dong Man.

You know the Justice Department is completely useless, right?