Get ready, Donald Trump. You’re about to run into a buzz saw. – The Washington Post

This person has no idea what he’s talking about.

Hillary will be supremely easy to defeat, and Trump doesn’t even have to dirty himself by going after her. The proper strategy is not to ridicule her, but to ridicule Democrats in general. I would run comedic ads showing college kids crying about safe spaces, and officious nobodies saying “do this, don’t do that; say this, don’t say that,” and in general just depict Democratis Americanus as a species of babies and control freaks and bean counters who have ground this country to a complete halt economically, intellectually, and culturally.

Trump has got eight months to completely ridicule into total oblivion the very concept of the modern Democrat. And since no one wishes to be ridiculed or to associate with those being ridiculed, Trump will have massive, massive crossover to the Republican Party.

Depict the Republican Party as cool people having cookouts and roofing roofs and welding things with sparks flying and generally living life to the fullest. And accurately depict Democrats as diaper babies and welfare recipients and egghead college grads bitching about their college loans and demanding that people stop speaking.

All he has to do is accurately depict Democrats as the control-freak, over-degreed, pansy-ass little whiners and pussies that they are.

The Democratic Party is ripe for total comedic annihilation. In a state of nature, Democrats would be the first to be killed or eaten.