You’re my go-to guy for legal matters.

Here is the definition of assigned risk, as told by Wikipedia:

“High risk drivers are often undesirable to insurance companies, and may not be able to purchase insurance through conventional means. They are considered high-risk because of numerous speeding or other traffic tickets, or a recent history of motor vehicle accidents, or in states that have a point system, accumulation of so many points. The state DMV point system may be different from the insurance companies’ point system.”

I am about the safest “driver” you would ever encounter. I drive like an old woman. I’ve never had an accident. I’ve never filed an insurance claim. My last speeding ticket was probably twenty years ago. I am in no way “high risk.”

A perfunctory two-sentence response to my considered inquiry to the Vermont Insurance Commissioner that I contact the assigned risk insurance people is not remotely what I’m looking for. What I’m looking for is for the State of Vermont to stop polluting the insurance companies with falsehoods about how there is no such thing as a traveler and how I require a driver’s license.

You might want to put a bug in the governor’s ear that he might want to oversee the Insurance Commissioner’s handing of my inquiry because what I’m doing is I’m putting together a legal case against the State of Vermont.

I have zero interest in purchasing expensive insurance through the high risk pool of drunk drivers and ax murderers. (And if I were to investigate the matter, the insurance companies participating in this assigned risk pool probably still require a driver’s license.)

Have the Insurance Commissioner contact me by email with news that all insurance companies authorized to operate in Vermont now recognize that licenses are required only of drivers. Until such time, I will remain uninsured and I will refer any bodily injury claims to the Insurance Commissioner.

Not a single lawyer in my audience any longer maintains that I require a license to exercise my natural right to travel by modern conveyances of the day, including by automobile, upon the public thoroughfares in my pursuit of my private business.

I cannot buy insurance without a driver’s license. And I am under no obligation whatsoever to purchase insurance at any price premium whatsoever from some assigned risk program, if such program sells insurance to unlicensed drivers at all. I am not a driver, licensed or otherwise. I am a traveler. They are two completely different things, and I need the various legal systems in this genius nation to familiarize themselves with the law for once. It works better that way.

Without valid insurance, I cannot secure an inspection sticker for my car. Every time I get pulled over these days, the guy says “I pulled you over because you don’t have an inspection sticker.” I feel like saying “What the fuck do you expect me to do? I can’t get a sticker without showing proof of insurance, which I can’t buy because the State has got the insurance companies bamboozled into thinking that there is no such thing as a traveler.” I want to say to the guy “Do you expect me to shit out an inspection sticker?” I’m about ready to stick a fuckin’ Post It Note on the windshield just so that I don’t get pulled over all the time. Is that what everyone wants me to do? You want me to play this silly game? You want me to slap a fuckin’ Post It Note on the windshield so that everyone has plausible deniability in this idiotic touch pee pee game of ours?

Does it take a fucking lawsuit to get the State to follow the fuckin’ law around here? This is shaping up to be Lawless Nation USA.

If the Insurance Commissioner is unwilling to pave the way for me to purchase insurance like normal people do everywhere every day, I don’t want any tears about how I don’t have an inspection sticker.

I don’t want that car pulled over ever again just because I don’t have an inspection sticker that I would be happy to get if only I could buy insurance, without which it is a legal impossibility for me to secure an inspection sticker.

I follow the laws that we have, not the laws that some would prefer that we have.

If the Insurance Commissioner or his designate is unwilling to contact me by email and explain that it is now possible for me to buy insurance at no price premium like normal people do every day, I don’t want to hear another fucking word about how I don’t have a motherfucking inspection sticker (which only pants-wetter states like Vermont require anyway.)

Getting pulled over is time consuming and embarrassing and it complicates my ability to find work because the townspeople think that I am a criminal. I CANNOT EVEN THEORETICALLY GET AN INSPECTION STICKER WITHOUT INSURANCE BECAUSE THE STATE HAS POLLUTED THE INSURANCE COMPANIES’ UNDERSTANDING OF THE LAW. THAT IS NOT MY FAULT.


It’s a new day in Genius Nation USA. We’re all going to follow the law from now on.